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Welcome to the Sacred Archive of the Shades

The Archive is the final hub for all of the completed projects on this wiki. After you have finished your Project, please notify one of our admins so that they can approve the content and link it here. Please DO NOT edit the Archive by yourself, let the admins take care of that, thanks!

Each project gets it's own slot. The slot has room for ONE 250px picture or slideshow, and room for the title, link, and a short summary. Below is an example of what the slots will look like. The color of the box and font can be customized by request :D, the available colors can be found here. Please have the materials you want to display on your slot ready before contacting us, and have a great time!





Archive Room I

Portfolio I:My Dragon Ideas


Check out all of my dragon concepts for the iOS game DragonVale!

 SynergyShade   Talk  Blog  Contribs   


Dragon Variations


Check out awesome color variations on an awesome dragon design!

 SynergyShade   Talk  Blog  Contribs   

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