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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look at my blog! I made this page to showcase my work on new dragon concepts and clear up my profile page. Also, if you request a dragon on my message wall, check here for the finished dragon. Special thanks to Liberkhaos for helping me format this blog, and Lala96xx for taking the time to make a digital remake of my Fairy Dragon Tunneling Dragon, and Shade Dragon. Recently uploaded dragons will have a "New" tag on them, as this portfolio is not in the order in which they were drawn.

Link to my Deviantart profile:

Fulfilled Requests:

  • Hex(Friday the 13th) dragon by Anon
  • Anniversary(DV Anniversary)dragon by Anon
  • Patch(Organ donation) dragon by Wolfiethezwolf
  • Owl(Air+Magic+Lightning(If you're confused by the Magic element, scroll down))dragon by HealingRain
  • Wolf(Metal+Plant+Earth)dragon by Wolfiethezwolf
  • Pickle(Water+Plant+Earth)dragon by Pickle786
  • Aceso(Unknown)dragon by HealingRain
  • Opal Spiral by Anon

Latest Trios:

  • Fall 2012 Set Start Trio:Angel Dragon, Robot Dragon, Inferno Dragon
  • Plant Hybrids Trio:Marsh Dragon, Salamander Dragon, Unknown Plant Hybrid Dragon
  • Metal and Air Trio:Skywing Dragon, Silverwing Dragon, Armor Dragon

Feel free to request a dragon or a decoration/habitat you want me to draw!


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Portfolio I

Set Zero:X Dragons

Synergy Dragon(Energy)

The Synergy Dragon was another of the wizard Sandar's findings, this time when he decided to delve into the secrets of Shadow Magic. He had brought an ancient Shadow artifact into the rays of the morning sun, and was shocked to find a baby Synergy dragon appear out of thin air, with plumes of fire trailing after it. The Synergy Dragon is only found in sunny places, as they immediately teleport to another sunny spot when it is darkened. This has made them very easy to catch, although of course you must find one first, which is another problem altogether...


Synergy Dragon

Shade Dragon(Shadow)

Only found in the dark planes of Saläskar, the Shade Dragon is said to only emerge at times of great darkness. It can travel instantly to any location via the shadows, and are said to be extremely hard to catch. It is said the first person to discover one, a young wizard artist named Sandar, found it when the dragon accidentaly landed on Sandar's wooden desk, squashing a piece of parchment that Sandar had been drawing on. At first, he was mad because the dragon had squashed his entry for the 5th Annual Wizard's Art Competition, but the dragon refused to move. So Sandar drew a picture of the dragon and entered it, and surprisingly, it won!

Set One:First Ideas


Tuft Dragon

Tuft Dragon(Air+Cold)

This dragon has only been found at the summit of Mount Vereste. To protect it from the cold, it has tufts of scale-like feathers. The horn on its beak is rather stubby at first, but grows taller as the dragon matures.

Dune Dragon(Lightning+Earth)

As a baby, the Dune Dragon dreams of gliding through the clouds on huge, majestic wings, but those dreams are crushed as the dragon grows up, due to the fact that their wings cannot grow any bigger than their original size. As adults, they wander the desert, searching for an oasis in which to see if their wings have grown any larger.


Dune Dragon


Smoke Dragon

Smoke Dragon(Air+Fire+Earth)

The Smoke dragon is very playful, and loves to hide in groups inside campfire pits and fire pits. However, they hate fire and all rush out of the pits once a fire is lighted, hence creating what us ordinary mortals see as smoke rising out of a fire. However, due to the fact that the smoke that trails behind the dragons are harmful to our lungs, the dragons in your park should be kept at a safe distance from the paths.

Cloud Dragon(Air+Water)

Cloud dragons are almost always surrounded in huge clouds many times their size. Due to fact that they generate a lot of heat, they are constantly picking up water and dust particles, which form into the clouds on their bodies. Eventually the clouds get too large and tear off, which is when they stop moving and start to rain. Old, primitive scriptures claimed that the clouds move becuase of the wind, but we have now proven that they move because they are attached to moving Cloud dragons.


Cloud Dragon


Lake Dragon

Lake Dragon(Air+Water)The Lake dragon loves to reside in...well, lakes. The most famous recorded Lake dragon was the one of Lake Ness, which in ancient scriptures is told to terrorize the nearby town. In reality, however, the Lake dragon is very playful and just wanted to see if anyone wanted to play underwater tag with him. Poor lake dragon!

Tempest Dragon(Air+Cold+Lightning)

The Tempest dragon is a vary rare sight, and is usually only seen around "Hurricane Season". And even when one is around, you most likely won't be able see it, due to the fact that they are always surrounded by huge tornadoes and runaway wind dragons. I strongly recommend putting these dragons somewhere that they can't tear up, or else your park will look like a tornado hit it...literally.


Tempest Dragon

Set Two:Magic Dragons

Magic Dragon(New Basic Element)

The Magic dragon is naturally born with tiny hands, as they rely on their emmense amount of magical power to move things around. Every Magic hybrid has its own unique pattern. Strangly, the magic that they emmit seems to be the same as the magic that comes from our wizard's magic wands...perhaps a built-in magic wand?


Magic Dragon


Acid Dragon

Acid Dragon(Magic+Plant)

The Acid Dragon loves to splash around in lakes and streams, but the acid that their fins let off are highly corrosive. If you see an Acid dragon in your general vicinity, it is recommended that you try to keep it out of your water supply...

Golem Dragon(Magic+Earth)

Built by a hermit in the high mountains, the first Golem dragon was meant to be a hard working domestic companion to lonely wizards. In reality, Golem dragons are actually more like quite large puppies... just don't let them fight you for a bone.


Golem Dragon


Rune Dragon

Rune Dragon(Magic+Cold)

The runes etched on this dragon's hide hold almost an immeasurable amount of magic, but the dragons themselves do not really know how to use it. So if you have a Rune dragon in your park, don't be surprised if a roll of stinky cheese lands on your head, or if your pet cat starts flying!

Potion Dragon(Magic+Water)

The Potion Dragon is always surrounded by a ribbon of health...literally. It origInates at the potion bottle that floats above its head and circles around the dragon, giving off a greenish-blue light. It is known to chase it around in circles, much like how a dog chases its tail, for hours on end.


Potion Dragon


Fairy Dragon

Fairy Dragon(Magic+Air)

Fairy dragons are almost impossible to look at directly, as their bodies are coated with iridescent scales. Even our best picture-taking magic has failed to capture a still of this shiny dragon. Our philosopher-wizards have declared that the shining light associated with fairies appearing is just the sun reflecting on the dragon's scales, but where's the fun in that?

Voltage Dragon(Magic+Lightning)

Voltage dragos love to hide inside the clouds that drift along behind cloud dragons, but call out when the clouds start to rain. They were also said to hide inside hollow rubber tubes in a bygone age, and ran around inide mechanic stuff to make them run... but that can't possibly be true, can it?


Voltage Dragon


Flare Dragon

Flare Dragon(Magic+Fire)

Flare dragon is said to have been a very important asset when war broke out between nations in a bygone age. Their intense heat distracted invading "missiles", or projectiles with deadminds, thus redirecting them from their targets. Fortunately, Flare Dragons are among the fastest flyers in the world, and were not harmed in the line of duty.

Set Three:Limiteds and Epics


Cure Dragon

Cure Dragon(Breast Cancer Awareness)(Air+Fire+Water+Lightning)(NEW)

Description Coming Soon!

Hope Dragon(Cancer Cause)(Fire+Air+Lightning+Water)

When a terrible ilness called Cancer descended upon the villages of the high northern mountains, all seemed lost. However, an old soothsayer from one of the villages claimed to see a majestic golden dragon, and claimed that it's healing fire-breath would drive away the horrible disease. And sure enough, it did, saving the villages of the mountains. However, aftereffects of the healing flame did include spontaneous hair growth...


Hope Dragon


Eclipse Dragon

Eclipse Dragon(Sun+Moon)

One of the rarest dragons to have ever set foot on land, the Eclipse dragon has only been reported very recently. However, further studiesshow that this dragon's heritage might stretch all the way back to when the Sun and the Moon were first created...

Celestial Dragon(Moon+Sun)

Said to be rarer than even the Rainbow Dragon, the Celestial dragon is still only a myth, and its existence has never been recorded. But strange cave drawings found in Gypte show a dragon that is the holy embodiment of the world itself. It is said to reside in the void outside our planet, and the "Solar Systems" that we see swirl around on the Celestial dragon's glittering hide.


Celestial Dragon


Light Dragon

Light Dragon(Sun)

It is said that the first Light dragon was the first Sun dragon, (Apollius the Great)'s lieutenant, carrying out whatever deeds that Apollius the Great needed done. From that point in history onward, the Light dragons have always stood by the Sun dragons and performed their tasks, whether it be warming a cold beggar's body or blinding a greedy, wretched bully. Or simply fetching the Sun-day morning newspaper...

Set Four:Supertypes

Tunneling Dragon(Metal Supertype)

The rarest of all Metal dragons, the Tunneling Dragon can only be found in the deepest tunnels under the earth. It is respected by all Metal types, and feared by the plant dragons. This majestic beast is sure to gather a throng of awed metal dragons and visitors alike!


Tunneling Dragon


Aura Dragon

Aura Dragon(Magic Supertype) The Rarest of all Magic dragons, the Aura dragon is a master of flight and never lands. It is said that it is even born in the air due to the fact that their eggs float..

Inferno Dragon(Fire Supertype)(NEW)

The rarest of all Fire dragons, the Inferno Dragon can only be found in the volcanos of the Casdeca Montain ranges. It is respected by all Fire types, and feared by the Cold dragons. This majestic beast is sure to gather a throng of awed Fire dragons and visitors alike!


Inferno Dragon

Set Five:Requested Dragons & Digital Dragons


Friday the 13th Dragon

Hex (Friday the 13th) Dragon(Earth+Plant+Fire+Lightning)(Anon Request)

Only coming out of hiding when the 13th of a month falls on a friday, the Friday the 13th Dragon is considered a harbringer of doom. And in a way, it is, due to the fact that everyone freezes with fear at just a glance at this dragon. If only they knew that these dragons just come out to play... Needless to say, Friday the 13th dragons view the human species as extremely boring, and still to this day think humans are incapable of movement.

Anniversary Dragon(Fire+Plant+Water+Lightning)(Anon Request)

Only appearing when the birthday of our land draws near, the anniversary is said to be a very close relative of the common fire dragon. It is respected throughout the land, as is considered a beacon of hope that will bring health and prosperity to this land whenever it appears.


Anniversary Dragon


Patch Dragon requested by Wolfiethezwolf

Patch Dragon(Organ Donation movement)(Requested by Wolfiethezwolf)

When the Patch dragon was first descovered stumbling down a mountain side with huge injuries, it was marked for dead and put on the roadside. However, a traveling wizard saw the poor beast and performed the first ever organ transplant using his own beloved pet dragon, who had just died that morning. Had it not been for that miraculous moment, the dragon healing practices of today would have been much less effective...but much easier on the moneysack.

Liber Dragon/Khaos Dragon(Liber+Khaos)(Tribute to Liberkhaos)

A tribute to Liberkhaos by SynergyShade3624


Liberkhaos Dragons


Liberkhaos Dragons

Liber Dragon/Khaos Dragon(Semi-Digitized)(Liber+Khaos)(Tribute to Liberkhaos)

A tribute to Liberkhaos by SynergyShade3624(Liber dragon digitized using DrawCast)

786 Dragons(786+Fire/Lightning/Cold)(Design by Sept-Creature, Colored by SynergyShade3624)

Visit Heat's 786/Khaos dragons blog for the whole story

  • Heat786 Dragon
  • Pokedragon786 Dragon
  • Jell786 Dragon
  • Glammy786 Dragon

Aceso(Unknown)(Requested by HealingRain)

Requested by HealingRain

Set Six:Fall 2012


Angel Dragon

Angel Dragon(Air+Lightning+Fire) A close relative of the Light Dragon, Angel Dragons are much more easier to find. Yon find them swooping above the clouds, delivering minor errands for their masters. It is reccomended that you have a drape to cover it up at night, as it lets off a huge amount of light, making it hard to sleep.

Robot Dragon(Metal+Lightning)

The Robot Dragons were crafted in a bygone age, when there were no real dragons, or magic. However, this dragon was far too heavy to fly on it's primitive metal wings, so our wizards have enchanted them with a "lifting" spell.


Robot Dragon


Marsh Dragon

Marsh Dragon(Plant+Earth+Water)

Only found after large rain showers, Marsh Dragons love to splash around in the mud. In fact, they like it so much that they have evolved to be born with metal leg guards, that can easily be washed during the next rain shower, and then be used for playing in the mud again when the rain stops.

Salamander Dragon(Plant+Water+Earth)

A unique type of dragon found in swamps all over the DragonVale isles, this dragon species is threatened by a diesease called Chyridracosis. They have the amazing ability to regenerate broken limbs, making for some slippery prey to its main predators!


Salamander Dragon


Skywing Dragon

Skywing Dragon(Air+Metal+Lightning)

Found soaring above the clouds on sunny days, Skywing Dragons almost never set foot on land, choosing to make their nests in the clouds. Because they are rarely seen below the cloudbanks, Skywing dragons are extremely hard to catch or find. However, having one in your park is sure to impress even the most experienced of Dragon Riders!

Silverwing Dragon(Metal+Air+Lightning)(NEW)

A very rare mutation of the Skywing Dragon, Silverwing dragons are only seen at the beginning of each month. They are completely enveloped in a shimmering coat of silver, and have blue eyes instead of gold. If having a Skywing Dragon in your park isnt enough, this is the rit dragon for you to go after! Not that you'll be able to catch one, of course.


Silverwing Dragon


Armor Dragon

Armor Dragon(Metal+Air+Cold)(NEW)

Description Coming Soon!

Bluesteel Dragon(Water+Metal)(NEW)

The Bluesteel dragon's metallic hide has a blueish hue due to the fact that it's breeding grounds contain a chemical that prevents it from rusting, and also turning it blue in the process. Our wizards are experimenting with the chemical to see if they can finally solve the dilemma of the rusty iron door hinges.


Bluesteel Dragon

Set Seven:User Dragons

WIkia Dragon(Wikia)(Wikia)

It is said that there is another world floating in the clouds, where the Wikia dragon rules. There, the community is free to share information about countless topics, and talk in various rooms, having fun all day. Any naughty members are said to be given a time-out, or even exiled from the community. Then again, its only a myth, so no one knows if its actually true or not...


Wikia Dragon


White Tiger Dragon

White Tiger Dragon(Shadow+Cold)(WhiteTigerlily)(NEW)

The first White Tiger dragon, named Galben, was actually just a Tiger Dragon that had rolled in too much snow, to the extent of being completely white. However, centuries later, some of the species has actually evolved to be born with white pelts. How this happened is still a mystery that confuses even our best wizard, Stein Einbert.

Sept Dragon(Energy+Cold)(Sept-Creature)

These calm and peaceful dragons are usually found in the forest, and are known to draw dragon designs. They are much, much better at drawing than you might think, if you don't believe me check out some of the Sept Dragon art we collected from the forest:Sept Dragon drawings


Sept Dragon


Owl Dragon

Owl Dragon(Air+Magic+Lightning)(HealingRain)

Owl Dragons are very rare, and are surprisingly hard to find in the wild. They are said to have evolved from a creature called an "Owl" about a 1000 years ago. If you ever find one, be sure to keep its habitat dark during the day, as it only sleeps during the day.

Wolf Dragon(Metal+Plant+Earth)(Wolfiethezwolf)

Although Wolf Dragons are very common in the wild, having one in your park is extremely hard due to the aggressiveness of these creatures. They can easily run faster than an Air Dragon can fly, and are extremely territorial. It's best to let them have their own habitat, or things could get messy...


Wolf Dragon


Pickle Dragon

Pickle Dragon(Water+Plant+Earth)(Pickle786)

Pickle dragons actually have nothing at all to do with pickles, except for the fact that it was discovered by a wizard named Pickle. He and his army of 867 soldiers were marching to the battlefield when suddenly this magestic dragon swooped down from the clouds and turned the opposing forces into it's dinner.


  • Magic & Acid dragon babies
  • Opal Spiral
  • My entry to a MinoMosters Forum logo competition

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