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You must follow the Aerrow Chat Regulations, to be able to hang out in SynergyShade Wiki Chat Room.

These are the Rules that you shall follow:

1. DO NOT spam.

  • Spamming includes repeatedly posting unecessarily links, images, emotes and posts. One link to a page is OK, but multiple links are not tolerated. (ex:Creating an army of 100 ninja emotes will result in an immediate kick if not ban)

2. DO NOT use any swear/vulgar/bad language that will offend another user.

3. DO NOT ask for a staff member position in Chat.

  • You must either apply in the appropriate area, or earn it.

4. DO NOT overuse capitalized letters.

  • This is considered shouting, which is very rude. Using capitals a few times is fine.

5. DO NOT advertise other Wikis.

  • Advertising your work is OK, but only once or twice is enough.

6. DO NOT role-play.

  • Everyday actions such as clapping or shrugging is fine.

7. DO NOT link/talk about inappropriate topics or sites.

8. DO NOT ask for ANY personal information from another user.

  • This includes telling important information to other users.
  • Giving out your gender and country is fine.

9. ALWAYS follow the rules above.

Note to Chat Mods:

1. DO NOT kick/ban unnecessarily.


Breaking these Rules will result in:

  • WARNING. The Moderator/Admin will decide how many warnings are suitable (Up to 3)
  • KICKING. The Moderator/Admin will kick you out of the Chat, and you shall only come in when you think you can behave like an awesome Shade
  • BANNING. If the user had 3 kicks in a day, he/she shall be banned. Banning time is decided by the Moderator/Admin.
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